The holidays are upon us and winter is here. Soon I’m sure we will see our first snow fall. Plow trucks will be out and the roads will be peppered with salt and sand. All of this will make for dirty cars in desperate need of a good wash. Recently I went through a car wash, you know the kind where you can sit inside the car and go through the various stages.
First an attendant uses a powerwash to get all the dirt and bugs off the fenders and at the base of the car. Then there is light mist to prewash before the first soaping. Long strands of fabric dangle in the air rubbing the car down as it passes through and then those twirling brushes, followed by multicolored soap, more wiping and a hard rinse, a soft rinse and then the fast blow drying… Afterwards attendants clean the windows, wipe down the interior and finally vacuum the mats. Once the car makes it back to me, there is a final wipe down of any spots missed and then it’s presented.
Voila, my car looks new again! I almost forgot how nice a shiny black car looks when clean! I didn’t need a new car, I just needed a good wash to uncover the beauty that was already there underneath the gunk which had hardened on the exterior….
I thought for a moment and it reminded me of the passage in John 13. Verse 10 says ‘Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean.’ Did you get that? Jesus says you are already clean, just your feet need a washing because it has dirtied while walking through this world.
Sometimes the Lord may take a powerwash to forcefully release the sins that have hardened on our hearts and other times He will bring a soft mist to wet and soften strongholds before washing it gently away. He uses whichever method he sees fit and sometimes pushes us through a wash cycle… I can say for sure those powerwashes have been painful as I’ve walked through seasons of wilderness but looking back I realize why it was needed.
As we celebrate the one true reason for this season, I hope we remember that He came to shed his blood so that we will be made clean, once and for all eternity!

Next time you are at the car wash, take a moment to thank Jesus…

With gratitude from an elder’s heart… Michael

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