Yeon Choi

English Congregation Elder

Elder Yeon became an elder at NCFC in 2021 and oversees our ESL and Web ministries. His heart is for outreach, as he has helped build up many of our outreach ministries, including Benevolence, Faith in Action, ESL and Missions. In his spare time, he works as a Machine Learning Engineer, which he swears isn’t as cool as it sounds.

Yeon has been married to his wife, Ena, for 16 years and they have two growing young boys, Isaac and Wesley. He enjoys cooking and sports, both playing and following, though his love for his hometown NY teams has grown colder due to distance and general lack of championships in recent years. He hopes to channel his passion for sports into his boys, as his wife has limited his participation due to injuries (those he’s inflicted on others, not injuries to himself).