Rev. Neil Kim

Administrative Pastor

Pastor Neil is the most in-shape pastor on staff. His physical discipline is rivaled only by his spiritual discipline which is founded on his love for God that began his senior year at the University of Maryland. As a young man, he was mostly concerned with the things that concern most young men – sports and parties, but all that quickly changed when he gave his life to Jesus and never looked back.

After graduating with a degree in Information System Management, Pastor Neil eventually found his way to the IRS, where he performs his day job examining people’s financial statuses, and to Chesapeake Reformed Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Theological Studies degree in order to better examine people’s spiritual statuses. As a bi-vocational pastor, Pastor Neil has unique insight and ability to minister to the English congregation of NCFC. In addition, having been raised up as a deacon, elder, and now a pastor at NCFC, Pastor Neil has an innate knowledge of the workings of both the English and Korean congregation, which greatly contribute to his role as the pastoral liaison for both congregations.

Pastor Neil is married to his loving wife, Christine, and has three wonderful children, Christopher, Peter and Grace. He also has a dog that he is not supposed to walk but somehow he ends up doing it every day anyway.