Pastor Jason Chang

Associate Pastor

Pastor Jason began his pastoral journey in 2009. He started his M.Div at Biblical Seminary and completed at Alliance Theological Seminary. He has been pastoring on the east coast for many of those years; mainly in New Jersey where he was born and raised. He also spent many years on the west coast serving in multicultural ministry contexts where he has learned a lot. He is passionate about discipleship and delving deeper into the nitty gritty details about what makes a person tick so they can tick healthy! He feels like so many people today are rushing at speeds they were not meant to and because of that carry a lot of extra weight they shouldn’t have to.
Pastor Jason believes in the whole person.  He believes that God made them physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. He believes you need to take care of all aspects of the person in order to be fully healthy and functioning at peak potential!
Outside of the Church context he keeps himself very busy running around with Emmanuella, Elliana and their baby boy on the way with wife Angela.