Pastor Joe Kim

Youth Pastor

In 1987, Pastor Joe immigrated to the United States with his family when he was four years old and settled in Philadelphia. He was severely impacted by his father’s sudden diagnosis of colon cancer when he was only eight, which led to his father’s early passing nine years later. After suffering this tragedy in his family, Pastor Joe sought solace from the comforts of the world and despite being raised in a Christian home, he ran from the Lord for nearly a decade until a short-term missions trip to Guatemala exposed him to the reality of God and His great love through Pastor Joe’s encounters with the missionary and the 63 children attending the Christian school his team was serving. Forever changed, he remembered the calling for ministry that he had received as a youth in the church, and dedicated his life to preaching the good news of Christ.

He received his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and has a heart for youth. He joined NCFC in 2016 to serve as pastor over Timothy group, NCFC’s youth ministry. He does not yet regret this decision.